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Costs of owning a pug (revisited)

One of the charms of pugs like Mason is the fact that they are very different to many other breeds of dog. This does however mean that there are several things that you need to consider before you get yourself a pug – particularly if you have never had a pug before and do not have regular contact with someone who has had pugs before. As a pug owner you have a duty and responsibility to provide your pug with the healthiest and happiest life possible, regardless of cost in terms of time and money. Owning a pug is a big commitment. At the end of the day your pug will be a member of your family as opposed to a possession to show off to the world


Pugs cost REAL money

As well as the initial cost of buying a pug there are also several ongoing costs that you need to be aware of before making the decision to buy one. The first and most important of these is your pugs annual boost Pug-2injections. These help to build your pug’s immune system so that he can have a healthy and happy life. Without annual booster injections your pug – like any other dog – can become very ill from even the simplest of infections that are easily transmitted from the outside environment.

As well as annual boosters your pug will also need regular flee and worming treatment. As a general rule your pug should be wormed every 3 months, and he should receive flea treatment every month. While fleas are not an imminent health risk to a dog or human, it is good hygiene to ensure that your pug is free from fleas and worms at all times. Remember that dogs spend a lot of time outside and they do not have daily baths or showers like humans do.

It’s unfortunate but pugs tend to come with a number of health issues. While some pugs may live their entire life very healthily with no problems at all, others may be much more susceptible to the common health problems that can affect pugs of any age. It is not essential but it is often recommended that you take out an insurance policy for your pug as soon as you purchase them.

Most insurers will not insure against pre-existing medical conditions so insuring your pug puppy from day one will ensure that they are covered. Although pug owners are lucky in that antibiotics and medication doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it would for a much larger dog, surgical procedures on small dogs such as pugs can be very expensive due to the complicated nature of the operations performed. A simple condition such as a water infection can easily turn into something much more sinister such as a liver shunt for which corrective surgery costs can run into multiple thousands – whether successful or not. Having insurance means that you don’t have to make that unbearable decision if your pug is struck down with health issues and you cannot afford to pay for the treatment required.

Though all dogs require food, it’s particularly important to ensure that your pug has a balanced diet due to the high risk of weight issues associated with the breed. A well-balances and specially formulated diet for pugs will be slightly more expansive than most normal dog foods, so it’s worth considering when planning whether you can afford a pug or not. A home cooked diet is one of the healthiest options for your pug and is a lot cheaper than some of the formulated diets, so it is always worth considering this option. It’s worth noting though that it will take more time to prepare a home diet for your pug so you will not have the convenience of the food already being made up. Compared to other dogs, pugs do not require a large amount of food so the costs should be manageable, just make sure you can afford to feed your pug the recommended amount of food twice a day.


You may be forgiven for thinking that owning a pug won’t cost much more than the food, vet bills and healthcare, however you also need to consider the cost of toys and accessories for your pug. You will inevitably find that you are always spending money on your pug whether it is on that extra treat when you are in the supermarket, that squeaky toy that you know they will love or even that designer bomber jacket that they beg you to buy them so that they can look handsome. Add to this the cost of any shoes or slippers that your pug will end up stealing from you to chew up and you can see why buying a pug is definitely not a decision to be taken lightly!!

‘How do you manage with Pug Toys’

A lot of my girlfriends ask me how Mason doesn’t manage to chew all his toys! They have this silly misconception that ALL dog breeds decimate every toy they own… Not true. I thought I’d write a little more on this to dispel some myths. puppyblack

Toys that pugs love

Pugs are a little bit different to most other breeds of dog. Therefore their requirements to mentally stimulate themselves are also a little bit different. If you have ever owned a pug or know anybody who has then you will find that typically pugs don’t care much for tough rubber toys that they can shred on their own in the garden. Pugs require so much more to keep them occupied, and this is usually human interaction.

If your pug is particularly strange then you will probably find that he enjoys playing with cat toys more than dog toys.

Most pugs do not play by themselves. If you are fortunate enough to have another dog who will act as a playmate for your pug then you will find that your role as Playtime Organiser is that little bit less demanding. Pugs can play with other pugs or different breeds of dogs for hours on end. The games that they play with each other will usually be tug of war with a soft toy, chasing each other around the house or sometimes you can even see that they are playing tag with each other.

If your pug doesn’t have another dog to keep himself amused then you will probably find that you spend a fair amount of time each day on the floor rolling around with your pug. In these instances you will probably be playing tug of war with a soft toy, or playing fetch with whatever your pug decides to pick up and bring to you.

Most pugs tend to like small and soft toys, however it is important to note that if the toy is too small then there is an increased risk that they will swallow it. Always supervise your pug when he is chewing to ensure that he doesn’t swallow anything that he shouldn’t. Any toys that have been damaged by excess chewing should be disposed of immediately – but don’t forget to replace them! Soft baby toys are a lot cheaper than special dog toys and are usually constructed very similarly.

If your pug is particularly strange then you will probably find that he enjoys playing with cat toys more than dog toys.